• Crowdfunding and Taxation in Switzerland

    Introduction Crowdfunding – i.e. raising money via online platforms – in Switzerland is still in its infancy. Although the individual forms of funding are essentially nothing new under civil law, many uncertainties remain under tax law. The main problem affecting not only those involved in the transactions (e.g. backers, recipients of the funds and brokerage […]

    Thomas Linder 17 min read 21. Mai 2016
  • Broadening horizons for crowdfunding platforms

    Equity crowdfunding platforms are joining forces more and more, in a variety of ways, with established players within the ecosystem. But could the platforms have more ambitious aims in the background? How the platforms currently make money   As you would expect, enabling investors to buy shares in fast-growing private companies is still the bread […]

    Pedro Madeira 6 min read 19. April 2016
  • How i crowdfunded my PhD research

    About two years ago, one of my friends mentioned Catarse, a new Brazilian crowdfunding platform that lets people raise money for creative projects. Later that week, my supervisor Professor Mauro Rebelo, who has a long history within science communication, coincidentally told me he thought crowdfunding might be an interesting way to fund our research — investigating the […]

    Marcela Uliano da Silva 6 min read 9. April 2016
  • Understanding Elon Musk

    This is a sneak peak of a four-part series by author and TED speaker Tim Urban. If you enjoy reading please supprt Tim at Patreon. I’m fascinated by those rare people in history who manage to dramatically change the world during their short time here, and I’ve always liked to study those people and read […]

    Tim Urban 12 min read 5. April 2016
  • The current state of CrowdFunding

    The newly pubslihed report „The Current state of Crowdfunding“  by CrowdfundingHub, the European Expertise Centre for Alternative & Community Finance, shows that in 2015 the crowdfunding industry in Europe has continued to grow and mature. The report brought together 27 national experts across Europe, and examined regulations, size of the industry, as well as the […]

    Ronald Kleverlaan 2 min read 31. März 2016
  • How to crowdsource the future of transportation

    In the barren plains of Quay Valley, CA — between Los Angeles and San Francisco — a revolutionary transportation system is breaking ground. Quay is the site for the 5-mile test track of Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation technology proposed by Tesla and PayPal Founder Elon Musk. Dubbed the fifth mode of transportation, after boats, trains, […]

    Andrew Deck 5 min read 23. März 2016
  • Beware of Startup Prostitution

    StartupBritain reports that in 2015, 608,110 new companies were incorporated in the UK, a 25.6% increase over 3 years. Some of these are businesses that don’t get lured in by the ‘startup halo’. For those that do, there is a plethora of startup pitching events, conferences, competitions, government schemes, accelerators and incubators, often promising access […]

    Tatiana Livesey 13 min read 19. März 2016
  • OurCrowd brings CrowdFunding to a whole new level

    Things seem to become turbocharged at Israel´s crowdfunding plattform OurCrowd these days. Only last week, one of OurCrowd´s portfolio investments, Replay technologies announced that it had raised $13.5 million in a financing round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP). The company has raised $27 million to date and other investors include Dallas Mavericks owner […]

    Michael Gebert 3 min read 9. März 2016
  • Kampagnenplanung in acht Schritten mit dem IHK Crowdfunding Canvas

    Nie wieder bei der Kampagnenplanung den Überblick verlieren: Das IHK Crowdfunding Canvas ist da! Mit dem Canvas können Crowdfunding-Ideen visualisiert und ausgetestet werden. Das Canvas ist in acht verschiedene Segmente unterteilt, die Projektstartern helfen, die verschiedenen Ideen auf Papier zu bringen und zu strukturieren. Mithilfe von Haftnotizzetteln können Gedanken und Impulse auf die verschiedenen Segmente verteilt […]

    Linette Heimrich 8 min read 7. März 2016