• Why Crowdsourcing is Critical to the Future of Education

    Educational institutions have the reputation of being slow-moving behemoths, but this label is undeserved. According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, the educational sector worldwide is more innovative than it gets credit for. United States institutions, in particular, are beginning to focus more seriously on innovation. One of the key innovations that can […]

    Rob Hoehn 4 min read 1. Juni 2016
  • Collaborative Economy Market Contraction Signals Maturity

    Platforms are proliferating. What began as easily parseable tasks, such as coding and data entry, has now moved up the complexity spectrum to include creative challenges: design, video, campaign concepts and more. However, most platforms are open to public view and merely request a social media account to log in. That may be fine on […]

    Jeremiah Owyang 5 min read 13. April 2016
  • How i crowdfunded my PhD research

    About two years ago, one of my friends mentioned Catarse, a new Brazilian crowdfunding platform that lets people raise money for creative projects. Later that week, my supervisor Professor Mauro Rebelo, who has a long history within science communication, coincidentally told me he thought crowdfunding might be an interesting way to fund our research — investigating the […]

    Marcela Uliano da Silva 6 min read 9. April 2016
  • Understanding Elon Musk

    This is a sneak peak of a four-part series by author and TED speaker Tim Urban. If you enjoy reading please supprt Tim at Patreon. I’m fascinated by those rare people in history who manage to dramatically change the world during their short time here, and I’ve always liked to study those people and read […]

    Tim Urban 12 min read 5. April 2016
  • The Future of CrowdSourcing

    “With the advent of the Internet, the idea that the organization needs to monopolize people, ideas, and assets has been turned upside down.” Professor Karim Lakhani started studying the world of crowdsourcing years ago, when he wanted to determine what motivated people to contribute to open source software projects. Since then, he has expanded his […]

    Karim Lakhani 3 min read 23. März 2016
  • How to crowdsource the future of transportation

    In the barren plains of Quay Valley, CA — between Los Angeles and San Francisco — a revolutionary transportation system is breaking ground. Quay is the site for the 5-mile test track of Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation technology proposed by Tesla and PayPal Founder Elon Musk. Dubbed the fifth mode of transportation, after boats, trains, […]

    Andrew Deck 5 min read 23. März 2016
  • Unserer Gesellschaft geht die Arbeit aus

    Karl-Heinz Land stellt sich in diesem Beitrag als Digital Darwinist, Evangelist und Gründer der Agentur für digitale Transformation Neuland kritisch folgenden Thesen: Die Digitalisierung gefährdet fast die Hälfte aller Jobs in Deutschland Die „Dematerialisierung“ lässt Wertschöpfungsketten verschwinden Vollbeschäftigung als Ideal hat ausgedient – diskutieren wir darüber Die Digitalisierung erfasst alle Bereiche unseres Lebens. Und sie stellt die Gesellschaft […]

    Karl Heinz Land 4 min read 14. März 2016